Faculty Directory

Not pictured:

Lee H. Butler, Jr., Vice President of Academic Affairs and Academic Dean,
William Tabbernee Professor of the History of Religions and Africana Pastoral Theology

Lisa Dellinger, Visiting Professor of Constructive Theologies

Adjunct and Affiliate Faculty:

Ellen Blue, Visiting Professor History of Christianity and United Methodist Studies

Alexis Carter Thomas, Adjunct Instructor Practice of Ministry

Gerald Davis,Theological Reflection Group Facilitator

Jacob George, Adjunct Instructor / Clinical Pastoral Education

Thomas Hoffmann, Theological Reflection Group Facilitator

Sandhya Jha, Adjunct Instructor Social Justice

Charles Kimball, Visiting Professor of Religious Studies

Grayson Lucky, Affiliate Instructor United Methodist Studies

Darlene Martinez, Adjunct Instructor Spirituality

Zenobia Mayo, Theological Reflection Group Facilitator

Robin Meyers, Visiting Professor of Homiletics

Amy Oden, Visiting Professor History of Christianity and Spirituality

Ray Owens, Affiliate Instructor Social Ethics and Black Church Studies

Deb Phelps, Theological Reflection Group Facilitator

Courtney Richards, Adjunct Instructor Practice of Ministry

Yuki Schwartz, Adjunct Instructor Social Justice

Regina Shands Stoltzfus, Visiting Professor Peace, Justice and Conflict Studies

Phil Snider, Theological Reflection Group Facilitator

Richard Ward, Visiting Professor of Preaching and Practical Theology

Gina Woods, Theological Reflection Group Facilitator