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Student Resources

ATLA and EBSCO Databases. Search these for articles on your research topic. Our EBSCO collection includes: ATLA religion database with ATLASerials, Old and New Testament Abstracts, Academic Search Premier, eBooks, SocIndex, and PsychInfo.

Ebook Central curates the library’s ProQuest eBooks. These are also accessible through the online catalog alongside our other eBooks. Ebook Central, like Oxford Handbooks Online, allows you to search through all eBook chapters at once to pinpoint information.

Classic Sermon Index provides indexing to 64,000+ classic sermons. All are indexed and searchable by primary biblical reference, 75% are hyperlinked to the full sermon, 20,000 are indexed by topic. Date searching goes back to the 2nd century.

Credo Reference is a full-text reference service. The Phillips religion collection includes The Brill Dictionary of Religion, The Routledge Companion to the Christian Church, Encyclopedia of Protestantism, and The Blackwell Companion to Jesus.

JSTOR is a high-quality, interdisciplinary archive of scholarship that includes leading academic journals across the arts, humanities, social sciences and sciences. The PTS Library has full-text access to all titles in the Arts & Sciences III and Religion & Theology archival collections.

Loeb Classical Library is an interconnected, fully searchable, perpetually growing, virtual library of all that is important in Greek and Latin literature. Epic and lyric poetry; tragedy and comedy; history, travel, philosophy, and oratory; the great medical writers and mathematicians; those Church Fathers who made particular use of pagan culture — in short, our entire Greek and Latin Classical heritage is represented here with up-to-date texts and accurate English translations. More than 520 volumes of Latin, Greek, and English texts are available in a modern and elegant interface, allowing readers to browse, search, bookmark, annotate, and share content with ease.

New Pauly Online is the English edition of the authoritative Der Neue Pauly, published by Verlag J.B. Metzler since 1996. The encyclopedic coverage and high academic standard of the work, the interdisciplinary and contemporary approach and clear and accessible presentation have made the New Pauly the unrivaled modern reference work for the ancient world. Brill´s New Pauly presents the current state of traditional and new areas of research and brings together specialist knowledge from leading scholars from all over the world.

Oxford Biblical Studies Online provides comprehensive resource for the study of the Bible and biblical history. Compare biblical translations side-by-side and more.

Oxford Bibliographies offers an expanding range of research guides and combines features of annotated bibliographies and high-level encyclopedia.

Oxford English Dictionary Online is widely regarded as the accepted authority on the English language. It is an unsurpassed guide to the meaning, history, and pronunciation of 600,000 words— past and present—from across the English-speaking world.

Oxford Handbooks presents full-text, electronic versions of the print classics in searchable form.

Oxford Islamic Studies Online provides resources for study of Qur’anic text and Islamic history.

Public Resources

Atla Digital Library brings together digital collections of scholarly, historical, and cultural significance that are relevant to the study, teaching, and learning of religion and theology. The Atla Digital Library is open access and free to use.

ARDA (Association of Religion Data Archives contains a wide variety of statistical data, historical timelines, tools for congregations, and data analysis. Supports graphing tools and mapping.

Biblioteca Digital Anabautista is an initiative of the Mennonite Mission Network (the Mennonite Missions Network), Anabaptist Mennonite Biblical Seminary, the Institute for the Study of Global Anabaptism (Goshen College), the Latin American Anabaptist Seminar (Seed), and the Hispanic Anabaptist Bible Seminar (SeBAH). The Biblioteca Digital Anabautista provides Spanish resources from the Anabaptist tradition.

Chronicling America is a Website providing access to information about historic newspapers and select digitized newspaper pages, and is produced by the National Digital Newspaper Program (NDNP). NDNP, a partnership between the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) and the Library of Congress (LC), is a long-term effort to develop an Internet-based, searchable database of U.S. newspapers with descriptive information and select digitization of historic pages.

Database of Religious History is designed to serve as a centralized clearinghouse for scholarly knowledge of the historical record, bringing together a core of quantified, standardized data with qualitative comments, references to crucial resources, and links to on-line text and image databases.

The David Rumsey Historical Map Collection contains more than 150,000 maps dating from 1500 to the present. The collection focuses on rare 16th through 21st century maps of North and South America, as well as maps of the World, Asia, Africa, Europe, and Oceania. The David Rumsey Historical Map Collection includes atlases, wall maps, globes, school geographies, pocket maps, books of exploration, maritime charts, and a variety of cartographic materials including pocket, wall, children’s, and manuscript maps.

Disciples of Christ Historical Society has preserved the many documents, books, periodicals, audio and visual materials, and precious artifacts that tell the story of the Stone-Campbell heritage. Disciples History provides a history of the Stone-Campbell Tradition, biographies of notable people, and a list of Disciples of Christ periodicals.

Disciples of Christ Historical Society Digital Collections holds over 300,000 digitized images and artifacts of the Stone-Campbell tradition.

Hartford Institute is Hartford Seminary’s Hartford Institute for Religion Research. It has a thirty-four year record of rigorous, policy-relevant research, anticipation of emerging issues and commitment to the creative dissemination of learning. This record has earned the Institute an international reputation as an important bridge between the scholarly community and the practice of faith.

Historic U.S. Free Online Protestant Newspapers is a list of free online historic Protestant newspapers from across the Unites States. The list is broken down by state and dates range from the early 1800s to today.

The Institute for Collective Trauma and Growth (ICTG) provides leaders with restorative strategies for personal and group growth after collective loss. They provide training, coaching, and therapeutic services for organization and community leaders to address long-term emotional and spiritual care needs, build trauma-informed programs and ministries, and partner across professional sectors for whole community care.

The Jesuit Online Bibliography is a free, collaborative, multilingual, and fully searchable database of bibliographic records for scholarship in Jesuit Studies produced in the 21st century. This project provides the citations, abstracts, subject categories, and direct links to books, book chapters, journal articles, book reviews, and other works related to the study of Jesuit history, spirituality, educational heritage, and pedagogy.

Latin America Collection is from Princeton Theological Seminary’s Theological Commons. It contains materials from Princeton Theological Seminary’s deep collection of Latin American books and periodicals, digitized through the generous financial support of the Henry Luce Foundation.

LGBTQ Religious Archives Network (LGBT-RAN) is an innovative venture in preserving history and encouraging scholarly study of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) religious movements around the world.

Loebolus contains the works in the Loeb Classical Library of Greek and Roman writings which have entered the public domain. Works may be downloaded as PDFs.

ΛΟΓΕΙΟΝ provide simultaneous lookup of entries in the many reference works that make up the Perseus Classical collection. It now includes The Dictionary of Medieval Latin from British Sources, one of the great national or regional dictionaries of medieval Latin.

Masnavi is Sufi poet Rumi’s Quaranic spiritual text.

Masnavi I Ma’navi is a concordance to Rumi’s poem Masnavi.

Methodist and Wesleyan Studies Collection from GlobeTheoLib. The Global Digital Library on Theology and Ecumenism is a multilingual online library from Library offering free access to more than 650,000 full-text articles, journals, books and other resources. Its focus is on theology, intercultural and interreligious dialogue, ethics, and ecumenism in World Christianity.

Methodist Review is an open access, peer-reviewed electronic journal which publishes scholarly articles in all areas and eras of Wesleyan and Methodist Studies. A free account is required to view the journal’s content.

National Study of Congregations’ Economic Practices (NSCEP) provides an overview of how congregations receive, manage, and spend their financial resources. Delving underneath the numbers, they begin to show how congregations regard financial resources: how their theological, cultural, and practical orientations toward money relate to finances and economic practices.

Newspaper Archive is an archive of newspaper articles, obituaries, family history records and photographs, and more.

Oklahoma Historical Society Since 1893 the Oklahoma Historical Society (OHS) has strived to protect and chronicle the history of our great state. The Oklahoma Historical Society maintains museums, research centers, historic homes, and military sites located throughout Oklahoma.

Open Access Digital Theological Library The mission of Open Access Digital Theological Library (OADTL) is to curate high-quality content in religious studies and related disciplines from publisher websites, institutional repositories, scholarly societies, archives, and stable public domain collections.

Patrologiae Cursus Completus is the Greek series from the HathiTrust Digitial Library in 161 volumes. HathiTrust Digital Library provides long-term preservation and access services for public domain and content from a variety of sources, including Google, the Internet Archive, Microsoft, and in-house partner institution initiatives.

PRRI (Public Religion Research Institute) is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization dedicated to research at the intersection of religion, values, and public life. PRRI’s mission is to help journalists, opinion leaders, scholars, clergy, and the general public better understand debates on public policy issues and the role of religion and values in American public life by conducting high quality public opinion surveys and qualitative research.

Sinai Palimpsets Project is a collaboration of St. Catherine’s Monastery of the Sinai and the Early Manuscripts Electronic Library, generously funded by Arcadia over a five-year period. Go to the Research Site tab to create a free account to see digital objects from the library.

Stone-Campbell Resources provides primary sources that reveal the history and advocacy of the Stone-Campbell Movement across its many voices, in many places, from its inception until recent living memory. Included in the collection are books, periodicals, tracts, pamphlets and broadsides; photographs, portraits and artwork; audio and film recordings of sermons, lectures and other events. Everything is fully viewable or downloadable.

University of Wisconsin Digital Collections provides access to digital resources that support the teaching and research needs of the UW community, uniquely document the university and State of Wisconsin, and provide access to rare or fragile items of broad research value. The UWDCC has also partnered with cultural heritage institutions and public libraries throughout Wisconsin to create digital resources.

Resources for Alumni

All graduates of Phillips Seminary and Phillips University are welcome and highly encouraged to use our library for any research purposes, as a meeting place. Our range of services include the same check-out services you had as a student, interlibrary loan, and mailing books to you. We also offer you AtlaSerials for Alums and JSTOR Alumni.

Phillips alums may contact the Phillips Library for a user name & password to access these databases.

Atla Serials for Alum, accessed via EBSCO, is an online collection of over 100 major religion & theology journals selected by leading religion scholars & theologians. You must use this link to access ATLA Serials for Alum.

JSTOR Alumni is a high-quality, interdisciplinary archive of scholarship that includes leading academic journals across the arts, humanities, social sciences and sciences. Alumni will have full-text access to all titles in the Arts & Sciences III and Religion & Theology archival collections. Alumni can access JSTOR directly from the Resources for Alums tab in the Library Access course in Moodle. Please contact the Phillips Library for the alumni login credentials to Moodle.

Faculty Bibliography

The Phillips Theological Seminary faculty members have written and contributed to many books and publications. The library staff has compiled this bibliography for download and printing or viewing on screen. Faculty Bibliography

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