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Committing Faith in Public Podcast with the Rev. Chris Moore

A trip to the Southern Border. A nativity display on the church lawn. A chain-link fence. An act of contrition that is misunderstood. A signboard message connecting the words “Jesus” and “Migrant.” How it all became a national story during Advent and Christmas 2018. The Rev. Chris Moore, pastor of Fellowship Congregational Church in Tulsa […]

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Committing Religion in Public, with the Rev. Dr. Ray Owens

What leads a congregation to start what became Oklahoma’s first public partnership school, and what has been their experience with the venture? The Rev. Dr. Ray Owens, senior pastor of Metropolitan Baptist Church in Tulsa, addresses these and other matters related to the Greenwood Leadership Academy. Links mentioned in the podcast: The Metcares Foundation, Greenwood […]

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Committing Faith in Public–The Rev. Shannon Fleck

Welcome to the first podcast of Committing Faith in Public! This is the podcast for people who want to be inspired by individuals and communities of faith doing good work in public. Our guests tell stories of their work to weave a more just, kind, and diversity-inclusive society. Our first guest is the Rev. Shannon […]

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